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Portfolio Update & Dropping Coverage of Lantronix

It’s been a good month for our portfolio. Since our last update Himax, Lions Gate, and Seagate have all hit new 52-week highs. As a result, our current portfolio is up 67%.

This performance includes Attunity, which has fallen since we downgraded the stock to Wait Time last month. Its recent weakness has validated our downgrade and reinforced our view that Wait Time stocks should be treated with extreme caution. In general, such a downgrade comes after a great move, which essentially reduces the stock’s potential reward and increases its potential risk. Indeed, ATTU’s jump from 3.36 to 9.75 qualified as a “great move”, contributing to a less attractive risk/reward ratio.

You can read more about our rating system in our Methodology section.

We’ll continue monitoring ATTU’s progress to determine if and when it should be upgrades to “Gold Mine”. In other words, stay tuned. As always, subscribers to the PTT Insider newsletter will be the first to know. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so HERE. It’s free for a limited time and all we need is your email address!

Speaking of being the first to know, we have dropped coverage of LTRX. After reviewing our past winners and losers, we’ve tightened our selection criteria in an effort to cut down on losing picks. This should result in even greater gains than ever before, but unfortunately LTRX didn’t make the cut.

In its place we have an exciting new pick, which we’ll unveil to PTT Insiders next Thursday. So again, sign up and stay tuned!

By: Mark Gomes, CEO

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