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Pipeline Data LLC – Insight Into The IT Purchasing Pipeline

Pipeline Data, LLC delivers highly-proprietary, yet SEC-compliant insights into IT demand / sales pipelines. Its services are limited to an exclusive base of buy-side institutions to maximize value and minimize information dilution. Pipeline Data’s methodology has a 15-year track record of providing actionable insights derived by collecting rare pieces of the investment mosaic.

The company obtains its data points via proprietary relationships with geographically-dispersed entities that are largely unknown to Wall Street. Pipeline Data’s contact matrix consists of a confidential list of over 500 demand-side benchmarking experts, system-evaluation advisors, and contract negotiators, along with more well-known industry experts and professionals within the IT industry.

Its relationships and methodology were meticulously designed with the intent of assembling a holistic real-time view into short- and long-term purchasing trends – a unique view into the entire Purchasing Pipeline. By combining this insight with top-down and bottoms-up triangulation, Pipeline Data, LLC accurately identifies lucrative inefficiencies in the equity markets.

Pipeline Data clients receive dozens of actionable research updates per year. This includes an intense publishing schedule that begins prior to the end of each quarter and immediately after the end of each quarter. In addition to these proactive updates, Pipeline provides its clients with the option to obtain confidential one-on-one consulting regarding relevant topics of interest. Pipeline Data’s services are available via quarterly or annual retainer, payable in soft- or hard-dollars.

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