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Mad Catz Mojo Appears To Be Aptly Dubbed

Mad Catz Mojo Appears To Be Aptly Dubbed

This week, we dug into the Android and iOS gaming console opportunity. Looking at the reviews coming out of E3, it was clear that Mad Catz (MCZ) MOJO console stole the show (and Ouya’s thunder in the process). These were the first few reviews we examined, in order:

Hands-on: MadCatz MOJO Android Mini-console (E3 2013)

Mad Catz Mojo Android console review

The MadCatz MOJO: Is There Room For Another Android Gaming Console?

Mad Catz’s Android console now just ‘MOJO,’ pulls games straight from Google Play

In addition to the good reviews, insiders have been buying. The CFO purchased 213,000 shares on June 18. Director William Woodward followed suit with a 130,000 share purchase on July 1. It’s a speculative pick, but the intermediate-term risk/reward is enticing. During previous demand cycles, MCZ has consistently topped $1.50, often tripling in a matter of months. With insiders buying, a major console cycle looming, and its own well-reviewed Android console on the way, we believe MCZ is a good stock to consider on dips.

By: Mark Gomes, CEO

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