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Introducing PTT Research!

Introducing PTT Research!

For over 20 years, we’ve been providing professional stock analysis to Wall Street institutions. In 2009, we started offering winning stock picks as a free service to the investing public (via Our goal was to show retail investors (average people, like you and me) something Wall Street doesn’t want anyone to believe…

That anyone can experience big-time investment profits.

They just need professional research on their side — the same research they use to manage your money.

The problem is that average investors have never been able to afford the kind of research the professionals use. But thanks to the Internet, that has now changed. As a united whole, the global community of investors can afford anything the big Wall Street firms can (and more).

Thus, Poised To Triple was born…and the results were spectacular.

It has been less than 5 years and we already reach thousands of investors like you. Our research has been viewed over a million times. Most importantly, the picks have made our readers rich:

Poised To Triple Portfolio Performance
2009 Picks +141.1%
2010 Picks +  56.3%
2011 Picks +  33.6%
2012 Picks +100.9%
2013 Picks +  81.5%


This performance has been tracked and documented on both SeekingAlpha and PoisedToTriple.

We also developed a special portfolio that we can only create once a year. It’s designed to deliver big profits in a short amount of time. It starts at the beginning of each year and turbo-charges investment profits before spring is over. Here’s how we’ve done:

Spring Small-Cap Portfolios


Peak ROI

Final ROI


Spring Portfolio I

1.3 months




Spring Portfolio II

2.9 months




Spring Portfolio III

6 days




Spring Portfolio IV


For our readers, the profits have come easy. However, behind the scenes, over 100 professional analysts and industry experts have worked hard to bring the finest stock picks to our readers.

The expenses have been high, but worth it to demonstrate the power of professional research!

Our experiment is now complete.

Of course, our team is going to keep searching for the world’s best stock picks. However, with several full-time employees contributing to the cause, it’s time for us to ask the investing public to pitch in.

Those who do will become the exclusive members of a new company that will feature many of Wall Street’s finest analysts. This company will provide exclusive access to my picks, along with the picks of many professionals who have delivered eye-popping returns on Wall Street.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re honored to introduce PTT Research!

PTT Research will offer service options for virtually any budget. As we’ve already shown, PTT’s research can pay for itself many times over. But that’s simply not good enough. Our personal goal is to make millionaires.,.

…and we want you to be one of them!

Our first service offering will be an affordable weekly newsletter, which will provide our subscribers with exclusive access to our picks and in-depth stock analysis. As a subscriber, you won’t have to compete with thousands of investors for shares anymore. You will be part of a select group of investors, making it easier to buy as many shares as you like…at rock bottom prices, before the stocks take off! You will also have exclusive privileges to ask us questions, which we’ll answer in a weekly Q&A Wrap-Up, which we’ll deliver straight to your inbox.

Soon we will also introduce our PTT Elite service offering. Members of PTT Elite will be treated the same way we treat our Wall Street customers, at a fraction of the price. As a member, you’ll have special access to our analysts, including one-on-one Q&A and even direct phone access. You will also be invited to meet our analysts in person, at special events that we will be hosting across the United States.

It’s going to be an exciting, money-making experience!

To those of you, who are subscribed to the PTT Insider, don’t worry. The PTT Insider will continue providing valuable market insights for free. We will also provide updates on the picks you already know and love. It’s our way of saying thanks for all the support you have provided as we showed the world what professional research can do.

We invite you to visit and register your email.  In return, you will receive a special pre-launch discount coupon.



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