Friday , 22 May 2015
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Prepare For Irrationality


by Kiran Pande with Mark Gomes One of my good friends shared with me the story of his first day at KCG (a small broker-dealer). Among the first things he heard when he walked in the door was the unofficial motto of KCG’s veteran traders: “prepare for irrationality.” This is a phrase that should be taken to heart, as we are ... Read More »

Why We Don’t Try to Time the Stock Market

Investment Research

by Scott Murray In an Insider post in January, I referenced a Brooklyn Investor article on market timing. I encourage you to read it in full. I claimed that volatility can’t hurt us if we ignore it, and it can help us if we are prepared and disciplined. Today I will explain why we don’t try to get around volatility by ... Read More »

Gold In Apple Watches


by Chisam Reiter with Mark Gomes We recently cited speculation that Apple might have to buy up to a third of global gold production in order to meet demand for its new Apple Watch Edition, the model which is made of 18-karat gold. You may not be surprised that on further analysis, the speculation turns out to have been off ... Read More »

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