Thursday , 26 March 2015
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RNDY Shareholders Round Up Profits


by Jeff Himelson with Mark Gomes In August, we first introduced Pipeline Newsletter readers to Roundy’s (RNDY), an undervalued grocer focused on health food. Because it was highly levered, there was an element of risk, but we believed it would outperform expectations. Our industry experts had advised us that the success of Roundy’s new higher-margin Mariano’s stores would help the ... Read More »

2015 PTT Research Pick Performance Update

Earnings Report

by Mark Gomes 2015 is off to a good start for our official picks. While our Yellow Alert has not yielded fruit, we have been well positioned in two of the strongest areas of the market—small-caps and technology. Until Wednesday’s rally, the S&P and Dow were both flat for the year. By comparison, here’s the year-to-date performance of our selections: ... Read More »

Using Estimate Rollovers To Make Easy Profits


PTT Research TV | Episode 7 by Mark Gomes Today on PTT Research TV, I am going to teach you how to use the analyst estimate rollover to generate easy profits.     Subscribe to PTT Research TODAY to access every episode of PTT Research TV.  As a paying subscriber, you will also receive invitations to attend PTT Research TV’s private ... Read More »

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