Thursday , 20 November 2014
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Methodology In Action Series – LIVE!


For the very first time Mark Gomes, PTT Research’s Chief Analyst and author of The Poised To Triple Methodology, will be hosting a FREE PUBLIC Google Hangout On Air called “Methodology In Action Series – Live!”.  This Thursday, November 20th, 2014 from 7pm-8pm EST, Mark will: 1. Review The Poised To Triple Methodology Mark will  provide  proactive advice on the parts of ... Read More »

Videocast: Recovery Time

Earnings Report

In this Videocast, Mark Gomes talks about “recovery time” and its importance to successful investing.   Methodology in Action Series | Episode 19OK. Well, everybody, back with another lesson from the PTT Elite archives. Our Methodology In Action Series. Today I’m going to show you the concept of recovery time. When building a risk/reward chart, one of the things you ... Read More »

Q/A With Mark Gomes (MATR Q3 Earnings)


Mark Gomes provides an in-depth review of Mattersight’s (MATR) earnings. You might be surprised by what he has to say. Transcription 00:07 Speaker 1: Alright, hey… Research, offering yet another addition of the PTT Elite methodology and action series. For all of you non PTT Elite subscribers, this is our gift to you between now and the end of the ... Read More »