Sunday , 26 April 2015
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The Stock Market Today


by: Kiran Pande & Mark Gomes Since December, we have seen our Yellow Alert validated by weakening economic data both in the U.S. and globally. Now the Fed is poised to start “normalizing” interest rates. Usually this would present a headwind that would shake out some investors in the stock market today and result in a correction of 10% or ... Read More »

Making Money By Betting Against Books


by Jeff Himelson and Mark Gomes Late in February, we took a deep dive into Barnes & Noble (BKS) and provided Pipeline Newsletter readers with our outlook. We analyzed the three main segments of BKS: retail, Nook, and college. It came as no surprise that retail sales continue to decline in the wake of the transition to digital. In an ... Read More »

A Feather in our Red Hat (RHT)


by Scott Murray with Mark Gomes On March 25th, we pushed out an article to Pipeline subscribers, saying we expected good news from Red Hat (RHT) on its earnings call the next day. We had already written on Pipeline about RHT back in October. Our view at the time was that management had not yet demonstrated that it understood how ... Read More »

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