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Using Options To Profit From PTT Yellow Alerts – Part II


This is part two of our options lesson. In part one, I discussed how you could short, or write Russell call options to take advantage of periods when the market goes down, or even up slightly. What we didn’t discuss in part one is what if the Yellow Alert results in a down draft in the Russell 2000? As it ... Read More »

Going Against the Crowd with Facebook


PTT Research Success Story by Scott Murray On May 15, 2014, Mark Gomes recommended that PTT Pipeline subscribers take advantage of a 20% drop in the price of Facebook. Sentiment was very negative, often a good contrarian signal. Short-sellers were predicting it would fall by another 50%. When Mark first recommended FB in 2013 at about $18, the logic was ... Read More »

Using Options To Profit From PTT Yellow Alerts – Part I


PTT Research TV | Episode 2 by Mark Gomes PTT’s last yellow alert took place when the Russell was at 1180. And over the course of two months, the market rose but only by about 1%. So, the question is, “Could we have profited from a move in the stock market where the Russell goes up 1% and we somehow still make ... Read More »

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