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Using Options To Profit From PTT Yellow Alerts – Part I


PTT Research TV | Episode 2 by Mark Gomes PTT’s last yellow alert took place when the Russell was at 1180. And over the course of two months, the market rose but only by about 1%. So, the question is, “Could we have profited from a move in the stock market where the Russell goes up 1% and we somehow still make ... Read More »

New Tech Stock: New Relic


by Jeff Himelson & Mark Gomes On December 12th, New Relic (NEWR) had its highly anticipated IPO. Demand for this new tech stock exceeded early expectations. Originally, the cloud-based software analytics company expected to sell 5 million shares at a price of $18-20. The final price was $23, and the company raised $115 million. Shares opened for trading at $30.16, ... Read More »

Latest perspective and Q&A on GLUU, MATR, JAKK, AERO & QADA


PTT Research TV | Episode 1 by Mark Gomes With fundamental news validating my picks, investors are starting to acknowledge what I’ve been saying all along: the selling of the past few months has been out of sync with our company’s fundamental progress. In other words, positive sentiment is returning. Below is a recording of a Google Hangout I hosted ... Read More »

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