Sunday , 21 December 2014
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Four Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention To PTT Research’s Yellow Alert

Yellow Alert

By Scott Murray & Mark Gomes Yellow Alert immediately preceded the largest one-week market decline in years Risk/Reward Chart of S&P fundamental growth shows much more downside than upside A brief survey of global risks to the market Divergences in the market signal uncertainty and fundamental deterioration For the third time in 13 months, PTT Research Chief Analyst Mark Gomes ... Read More »

Stock Market Yellow Alert

Yellow Alert

For the third time in 13 months, PTT Research Chief Analyst Mark Gomes has issued a Stock Market Yellow Alert. The videocast below discusses important factors that point to a market correction and offers insight on how to reposition your portfolio to profit from a sell-off in equities. PTT Research subscribers received the information below on Monday, December 8th, the day after ... Read More »

Insiders: Many Reasons They Sell; Only One Reason They Buy

PTT Univeristy

In this PTT University Videocast, I discuss the importance of insider buying and the recent insider action at $GLUU and $MATR. This lesson comes to us directly from one of my investment idols, Peter Lynch. Among the most famous portfolio managers ever, Peter Lynch has supplied his wisdom to millions through his books, audio tapes, if you’re as old as ... Read More »