Tuesday , 23 September 2014
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PTT’s Internal Research Methodology (Our Secret Sauce)


10-minute Videocast demonstrating some of the secret sauce that enables PTT to pick great stocks.   Transcription 00:02 Speaker 1: Hey there everyone, this Mark Gomes for PTT Research, how’s it going? Today’s topic is going to be PTT Research internal research methodology. Of course, all of you are familiar with the PTT methodology, for you, our followers. This is ... Read More »

Videocast: MATR, GTAT, PTT’s Method and PTT Member Forum Highlights


In this Videocast, Mark Gomes offers some educational commentary, info from the Members’ Forum, and his thoughts on MATR and GTAT. Transcription 00:00 Speaker 1: Hey, good after… [pause] 00:05 S1: Got a couple items for you today. We had quite an eventful day. Seeking Alpha released our Mattersight, Pick To Triple, and we had some unexpected news out of ... Read More »

Shares Of Mattersight (MATR) Are Poised To Triple


In life, we have all had conversations where we felt a real connection with the person with whom we were speaking. Conversely, we have all had conversations where there was no personal connection at all. We may as well have been speaking another language. This connection or mismatch happens because we all have our own personality traits, communication styles, and behavior ... Read More »